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Big Dog Harness Modification for Wire Plus EHC Retrofit Kit Installation 

For years Big Dog Motorcycles have been plagued with electrical problems that have cost riders tons of time and money....not to mention owning a bike that can't be ridden. The Wire Plus Big Dog EHC Retrofit Kit was developed as a solution to the problem that the Big Dog Motorcycle had an inevitable failing EHC. 

It can take 8-12 hours to modify an existing Big Dog wiring harness to complete a retrofit kit install...until now!   With the Wire Plus Harness Modification Service you simply remove the stock Big Dog wiring harness and ship it to us so we can do the work for you. We will visually inspect each individual wire, eliminate the "printer style" connectors that are exclusive to Big Dog, put on new waterproof Deutsch connectors that will make the harness "plug and play" ready for the Wire Plus EHC Retrofit Kit modules (SOLD SEPERATELY). We will give it one more thorough inspection, bench test it to ensure that it's perfect and ship it back to you.  The average time it takes to modify a complete harness is reduced to ZERO and there's no more wondering if your harness is modified correctly because Wire Plus did the work for you.


If you’re working on a Big Dog Motorcycle and want to save time and money call Wire Plus at (620)-221-2417 or email sales@wire-plus.com.

(PLEASE NOTE: You must first call Wire Plus to obtain important information necessary to send in your wire harness. Thank you!)

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